Celebration Cakes

Who doesn’t LOVE a great birthday cake?  I know I do! This is me (to the left) with my own ‘lockdown’ birthday cake! There wasn’t much else I could do to celebrate my birthday so I made myself a great cake.  What else says ‘Birthday’ if it isn’t a great cake with lashings of icing, chocolate or sprinkles!

So, If you are looking to make someone’s special occasion that bit more memorable, particularly during the ‘covid 19 pandemic’ then get in touch to see how we can help.  We are able to offer smaller cakes (from 4″ round) or, a bit bigger, if you are lucky enough to be celebrating with a few more people.  One of our cakes, will definitely help to make your celebrations much more special and one to remember!

Pricing varies depending on the size of the cake and level of detail in the finished design, but we have provided a basic guideline below

  •   4″ Round Mini Cake from £36.50 (up to 8 servings)
  • 6″ Round ‘Drip’ Cake – from £45.00 (up to 14 Servings)
  • 7″ Round ‘Drip’ cake – from £55.00 (up to 25 servings)
  • ‘Furry Animal’ cake from £75.00 – (servings vary depending on design)

For an additional charge we are able to make local deliveries to the lucky recipient.